Friday, November 21, 2014

5-Minutes to Clean - The Shower

One of my pet peeves is washing my hair and knocking the shampoo and conditioner off the shelf.  I feel like a clumsy ogre.  I also get grossed out by the mildew ring that is left by bottles sitting too long in the shower.  So I tried one of those handy dandy shower organizers.  But it kept sliding down the pipe and hanging on to the shower head.  It would not only startle me while I was rinsing my hair, but all of the bottles and the razor would go flying.  Not very relaxing.

So here's my little trick.  3M Command Strip have a wonderful shower product.  Here's a shower hook that can hold my caddy on the opposite wall.  I can rinse my hair without being startled by falling hair products!

Displaying IMG_20141105_144627526.jpg

A word about the items pictured:  My kids are now able to bathe themselves.  I squirt some shampoo/body wash on a rag and they can wash themselves.  It's wonderful!  Sometimes there are a bit dramatic about soap in their eyes - solution: goggles.  Sometimes they don't believe me that there is still suds in their hair - solution: hand mirror.  Sometimes they can't use the same rinsing cups because they don't like the color - solution: multiple cups for my divas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Extreme Productivity

Organizing and productivity seem to go hand in hand.  When you organize your life, your home, your office, your productivity and efficiency seem to increase naturally.  I am an organized person and wanted to explore more ways to increase my productivity.  Any time I want to learn more about a topic, I check out my local library's web catalog (after a Google search, of course).  When searching productivity in the database, this is the first book to appear.

This book was a gem.  Robert Pozen is an amazing man, highly accomplished and a wonderful writer.  I learned so many new perspectives in this book.  He's broken the book into five sections: Three Big Ideas, Productivity Every Day, Developing Personal Skills, Managing Up and Down and Pursuing a Productive Life.  Each section is broken into chapters with specific topics and each chapter is followed by takeaways.

One of my favorite sections was Developing Personal Skills.  Instead of suggesting the reader improves their reading, writing and speaking skills, Pozen leads the reader through activities.  He teaches specific skills by adding excerpts of articles and speeches to analyze.  He takes the reader through his writing process and shows ways to improve speeches.  I found this whole section helpful.

I found this books so interesting and valuable, I suggested it to my husband.  He's a very busy man with a full time job and a small business on the side and rarely has time to read a full book. Still feeling that this book would be helpful, I suggested he read the introduction, conclusion and takeaways from each chapter to get the gist of the book without investing the time.  I got the idea for this abbreviated reading from Chapter 7: Reading Efficiently.  See, I'm already putting the knowledge from this book into use!